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Custom Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

What better way to decorate your home than with your own custom knob design!

Here is an example of a customer that ordered custom kitchen cabinet knobs from us.

Customer Name: Sugar Hollow Retreat - A 300 acre mountain retreat in Butler, Tn.
What they wanted: Sugar Hollow wanted their logo made into custom knobs for their kitchen. They wanted a hand painted version of their logo with an Indian feel to it.
They sent us their logo design:
Here is a picture of Sugar Hollow’s custom designed knob. They ordered 100 total knobs. They wanted each knob to have an authentic Indian handmade feel to it so our artists made the design below.
When ordering your knobs we can make the knobs exactly to your design specifications or do like we did with Sugar Hollow and give the design a more handmade look to it by hand drawing each design so that every knob has a slight variation to it.

To order custom knobs please review the information below:

   Decide how many knobs that you need. There is a minimum order of 24 knobs. The price is $10 each for the first 24 knobs and $8 each for each additional knob.
   Draw your design according to our knob specifications: Click to view our custom-knobs-template.php
   After you have completed the knob design, send us your custom design along with the order quantity to this link:
Order Custom Knobs
   After we receive your order and design we will begin production. Average production  and delivery time takes 3 to 4 weeks.
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