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Kitchen Cabinet Decorating Ideas

Choose kitchen cabinet knobs in a color that matches or compliments your flooring, walls, countertops or curtains. 

If your kitchen wall is painted blue, for example, you can pick out a matching blue and white knob. Or, if you would like to add additional color to your kitchen, you can choose a matching blue knob that also inlcudes dark blue, brown, yellow or turquoise.  Now you can incorporate the additional color into the rest of your decorating scheme as well!

       Blue ceramic cabinet knob 1       Blue ceramic cabinet knob 2       Blue ceramic cabinet knob 3       Blue ceramic cabinet knob 4

         Blue ceramic cabinet knob 5         Blue kitchen walls       Blue ceramic cabinet knob 6

        Blue ceramic cabient knob 7       Blue ceramic cabient knob 8       Blue ceramic cabient knob 9       Blue ceramic cabient knob 10

If you have multi-colored curtains or table settings, you can choose a particular color to highlight with your cabinet knobs.

          A matching blue flowered ceramic knob       A matching pink flowered ceramic knob       A matching yellow and blue flowered ceramic cabinet knob

Or, if your kitchen is lacking color, you can use our colorful cabinet knobs to add a splash of color to an otherwise white kitchen.

            Colorful ceramic knobs brighten up a white kitchen  

Finally, does your kitchen have a theme?  If your kitchen is decorated with fish, for example, you can choose one of our fish-themed knobs.

                                                                             Fish-themed knob 1       Fish-themed knob 2

 These are just a few ideas to get you started.  Feel free to browse our extensive cabinet knob catalog to see all of the available designs.  The catalog is divided into categories to help you out and you can always "search" by color or other detail in the text box on the right side menu.  Let your imagination run wild!

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